Blog updated

Finally got around to updating this blog to 2014. Now, if only I could find some time to do some actual blogging. Who knows, this new design might just inspire me.

How to debug REST/JSON services

I recently had to write a webservice in PHP that were to be used by iPhone/Android apps to post data and images to. With standard HTTP POSTS I’ve usually just created a quick dummy html to post data to the server to test, but this time I had to do some research on how to quickly test the services while developing… Just writing it down here so I don’t forget :-)

Minimal HTML5 iPad Offline Cache Test

I just pushed a HTML5 template called “Minimal HTML5 iPad Offline Cache Test” to github: Basically it’s a demo of a simple webpage that can be cached offline on an iPad. It also contains the meta tags required to make it work as a so-called “webclip”, that is you can add it to the homescreen on an iPad and it will open in fullscreen without the URL bar at top and without any other safari elements.

Changes in this blog

It’s probably about time to let my subscribers know that I’ve started blogging over at the AddonBakery Blog – so all posts which relate to my ExpressionEngine Addons will end up there (instead of here). If you have an interest in getting the latest news about SEO Lite, Simple Registration, et al. you should subscribe to this feed. This blog will be reserved for all non-addon specific ramblings. Who knows, I might also put up a portfolio here.

Is Automattic pulling old tricks on EllisLab?

For those who don’t quite understand the title; Automattic is the company behind the world’s favourite blogging engine 1– WordPress, and EllisLab are creators of fine products such as CodeIgniter – and, the commercial CMS ExpressionEngine. Now that you have the basics, the title will make sense later. MacDailyNews moves from EE to WP The latest blogpost on the WordPress Publisher Blog tells the news of the high profile migration of MacDailyNews from ExpressionEngine to WordPress VIP: