What's wrong with the British and US forces?

After watching this sickening video of a team of British soldiers dragging begging Iraqi kids into a backyard to kick the shit out of them while their commander-in-chief is watching, laughing and encouraging them – I just have to ask; what’s wrong with the British and US forces?

I mean, we don’t see Danish forces behaving this way. We don’t see the Polish behaving this way. They are there, but they’re not performing despicable and stupid acts that will encourage a new generation of suicide bombers. Whay do they think – that these kids just go home and forget about the incident?

Also, it seems like they’re proud of the act – they film it, so they can show it to others. I mean, I know that the Brits and the Americans mostly get their soldies from the lower class of society, many of them criminals – but how stupid can you get?

Let’s hope that Mr. Blair is able to find these people, and punish them. All of them.

  1. I am from London and i also think that this is despicable. All i ask is that the actions of this few do not affect the veiw people have in general of English people, as we are not all bloodthirsty hooligans (well,maybe our football fans but thats another story) I too want to see these people punished!

  2. Hi David,

    of course I do understand that these are the acts of a twisted few, and that most brits, like most sane human beings, want to see these people made responsible for their acts.

    If I thought you were all bloodthirsty hooligans I wouldn’t be heading for Manchester in a months time to party ;-)

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