Why don't they come with 'Save as DocBook'?

It’s great with all these Web 2.0 applications with tools to help with all aspects of our life – like lists & tasks, calenders, project management – and of course, web based word processing.

I like the idea of web based word processors, like Writely. I have a laptop, a computer in my bedroom, and a computer at work – and I like the fact that I can just sit down and edit my documents without thinking about where they are physically located. Also, it’s ideal for people who want to work together – sharing documents, editing them – and be able to view the changes of others.

And best of all – you can save as Word, HTML or export to PDF! ..

.. but what I’d really like it a tool like this who could save as DocBook XML. I mean, it’s not hard – if you can export to HTML you can export to DocBook, so why aren’t these companies doing it? Maybe not enough requests for such a feature? Well, I for one would like to pay for such a service, so sign me up :-)

PS! I know I promised you I’d let the java crowd retaliate for the crude comments about java forwarded by random PHP geeks – and I will. Tomorrow. Promise.