Google changes 'reinclusion request'

If you’ve been banned from Google for whatever reason you want to do a reinclusion request. I’ve previously used Matt Cutt’s tutorial, however it seems Google has changed the way one does this. The link Matt mention is no longer there.

The new way is to do it here, from “My Sites”. Yes, that means you will have to have registed your site there first. You’ll also have to agree that your “site has violated Google’s quality guidelines” and that you’ve made changes. In my case I don’t know why I’ve been banned, but I just agreed to it anyway.

I guess when you have all your sites registered one place it makes it easier for Google to keep track on you ;) .. so if you’ve got one banned site maybe the other looses some PR or something? (just speculating, or course).


Comment by fob marketing on 2006-08-13 22:07:58 +0000

Hey man, you`re back! ;-) Check out “” at Google and enjoy! Best regards Oliver

Comment by Bjørn on 2006-08-14 20:14:09 +0000

hey! Thanks for letting me know Oliver :) I see they didn’t adhere to robots.txt fully, but anyway, doesn’t matter much as long as I’m indexed. – Bjørn

Comment by agung s on 2007-04-13 05:37:06 +0000

I had the problem as well like you right now since last week. the problem all comes along was only from my hosting which they had maintenance reason to move our server to the new machine…

I already submit with the form as you mention above yesterday and still awaiting for the process.

this website the only business that I had and build from scracth to follow all the guidelines from google.

Could you please if had spent time to check along my website, what is the problem is.

My web competitor recently even use the massive link exchange not to related business and they got the good ranking on G.

Agung S