Free Subversion service

SVN is a version system that replaces CVS (cause it’s better). I’ve been using it for quite a while, and have been kind of addicted to it. Since I haven’t yet set up my own server at home, I started looking around for SVN hosting – when I found this one which is free.

I just registered but it looks great so far. You can create a project with multiple users. If you do not want it to be an open project, you can disallow anonymous checkouts. In addition, connecting to the repository through SSL is possible. Good times.

If you don’t know what SVN is, check out the project page at Also, if you’re on a windows box, I recommend TortoiseSVN which integrates nicely in the explorer. As the name kind of indicates, TortoiseSVN may be slow – but if you experience those kind of problems with it there are several other clients over at

Of course, using the command line tools are often best. And many IDE’s have integrated SVN alread, or are working on it as you read this.

Anyway, just wanted to spread the word about that OpenSVN service. Hope it stays up.

Enjoy :-)