Google changes 'reinclusion request'

If you’ve been banned from Google for whatever reason you want to do a reinclusion request. I’ve previously used Matt Cutt’s tutorial, however it seems Google has changed the way one does this. The link Matt mention is no longer there.

The new way is to do it here, from “My Sites”. Yes, that means you will have to have registed your site there first. You’ll also have to agree that your “site has violated Google’s quality guidelines” and that you’ve made changes. In my case I don’t know why I’ve been banned, but I just agreed to it anyway.

I guess when you have all your sites registered one place it makes it easier for Google to keep track on you ;) .. so if you’ve got one banned site maybe the other looses some PR or something? (just speculating, or course).

The Art of Understanding Women

I’ve taken a liking to startup books lately, and I’ve just started reading my second one – “The Art of The Start“, by Guy Kawasaki. It doesn’t take many pages before Guy introduces the reader to a brand new concept – when it comes to business; women know best.

Here’s an excerpt from the chapter called ‘Define Your Business Model’:

My final tip is that you ask women – and only women. My theory is that deep in the DNA of men is a “killer” gene. This gene expresses itself by making men want to kill people, animals and plants. To a large degree, society has repressed this gene; however, starting an organization whose purpose is to kill another organization is still socially acceptable. Hence, asking a man about a business model is useless because every business model looks good to someone with the Y chromosome. (…) Women, by contrast, don’t have this killer gene. Thus, they are much better judges of the viability of a business model than men are.

He then argues that men must be dumber since they recieve more ‘Darwin Awards‘ (given to stupid people).

Then he finishes off the chapter with this excersise:

  • Calculate your monthly cost to operate your organization.
  • Calculate the gross profit of each unit of your product.
  • Divde the results of Step 1 by the results of Step 2
  • Ask a few women if they think you have a chance of selling that many units. If they don’t, you don’t have a business model.

Amazing. I never knew it was that simple :)

I don’t know if Mr. Kawazaki is joking, trying to get laid, or both – but I know I do wish WordPress had a Poll plugin so that I could add a poll to this post entitled “Should I read the rest of this book?” :)

The Pirate Bay up and running again

Well, this is an interesting story to watch. If you haven’t lived under a rock the last couple of years, you’ve heard about the pirate bay, a search engine for .torrent files which (mostly) link to pirated material. May 31st the Swedish Police raided the hosting company where TPB was hosted, and shut down all the routers (not just TPB ones). Anyway, today – The Pirate Bay is back up – branded as “The Police Bay”, and with a fresh logo as well:

the police bay

Those guys are priceless. I mean, they’re hardcore pirates. Or – are they pirates? It will be interesting following this case in Sweden, because TPB is nothing but a search engine for .torrent files – not much different than Google. You can find the same files searching Google – so if the pirate bay is illegal, then Google is as well. The only difference between the two search engines is that on the pirate bay you can only find .torrent files, most of which link to pirated material. On Google you can find that – and more.

I guess the MPAA don’t feel as smug this morning as they did then they released the press release entitled “Swedish Authorities Sink Pirate Bay“. Besides the fact that a bay can’t be sunk – they didn’t sink it, they just made it inoperable for three days ;).