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How to stop MSN spam with Pidgin

For those of you who don’t know, Pidgin is an open source Instant Message client which supports MSN, ICQ, the jabber protocol (which means GTalk) etc.

After installing it however, I started getting a lot of MSN spam. You know, IM’s from random people telling me to visit places where I could gamble with my money, or alternatively my health (with cheap pills).

Turns out Pidgin defaults to letting everyone contact you. You can change this in Tools -> Privacy.

So, you don’t want this:

.. but you do want this:

That is, only allowing people on your buddy list to contact you.

Once set, all spam was gone :-)

By the way, Pidgin is a pretty smart name for that app. Being a non-native english speaker I thought Pidgin was referring to the bird Pigeon. Well, turns out this is the definition for Pidgin:

A linguistically simplified, mixed and restricted language used in limited contact situations between people who have no common language.

.. and that’s perfect for Pidgin cause it supports multiple protocols, which means it enables people with no common language (protocol) to talk to eachother. I bet the protocol implementations aren’t 100% either, so that means it’s also a simplified, mixed and restricted language ;-)

In addition to that, they can use a Pigeon as their mascot since it’s pronounced the same! I’m in awe.

Another reason to switch from WordPress to ExpressionEngine

Ok, this post had some info about switching to ExpressionEngine since WP was so insecure.

It turns out my WP install was hacked and the content here was replaced by lots of spam links. I don’t know how to get the content back (unless it was indexed somewhere, took a quick google but didn’t find anything) .. Oh, the irony.

A look at RegisterFly's Terms & Conditions

After I had problems with RegisterFly a while back, I started looking into their ToC. That is, what I had agreed to when using their service. Without reading it first, of course. I have always wondered what kind of people read the toc of websites before using them ;)

Here are a couple of highlights, my comments are in bold – everything else is a verbatim copy from RegisterFly’s T&C:

  • If you do a chargeback we will charge you .. a lot more! – We will reinstate your domain name registration solely at our discretion, and subject to our receipt of the initial registration or renewal fee and our then-current reinstatement fee, currently set at $250 USD.
  • Don’t even think of going on a two week vacation – we may take your domains while you’re relaxing on the beach – You further agree that your failure to respond for over ten (10 ) calendar days to inquiries by concerning the accuracy of contact details associated with your registration shall constitute a material breach of this Agreement and will be sufficient basis for cancellation of your domain name registration.
  • And if we decide to do so … – You hereby irrevocably waive any and all claims and causes of action you may have arising from such disclosure or use of your domain name registration and other information by
  • Once we have you, we have you – You agree that you may not transfer your domain name registration to another domain name registrar during the first sixty (60) days from the effective date of your initial domain name registration with
  • Read our ToC every day – You agree to review’s web site, including the Agreement, periodically to be aware of any such revisions.
  • We are members of a raving mad, religious sect (or at least it seems so) – YOU AGREE THAT REGISTERFLY.COM WILL NOT BE LIABLE FOR ANY (..); (5) LOSS OR LIABILITY RESULTING FROM ACTS OF GOD. Wow, if an act of God caused me to loose money I think I’d have bigger problems on my mind than RegisterFly.
  • We can do what we reserves the right to suspend, cancel, transfer or modify your domain name registration or suspend, cancel or modify other services we provide (..)
  • You should also be aware that if we are sued or threatened with lawsuit in connection with your domain name, we may turn to you to hold us harmless and to indemnify us.

This whole paragraph is also notable:

15. Right Of Refusal:

We, in our sole discretion, reserve the right to refuse to register or reserve your chosen domain name or register you for other service(s), or to delete your domain name within thirty (30) calendar days from receipt of your payment for such services. In the event we do not register or reserve your domain name or register you for other service(s), or we delete your domain name or other service(s) within such thirty (30) calendar day period, we agree to refund your applicable fee(s). You agree that we shall not be liable to you for loss or damages that may result from our refusal to register or reserve, or delete your domain name or register you for other service(s)

Does this seem like someone you’d like to trust your business with?

By the way – if you wonder why I keep linking RegisterFly to it’s my little contribution to the people using Google (hopefully one day registerflies will top registerly for the keyword ‘registerfly’) :)