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PHP is the Devil!

I’m a big fan of podcasts, and recently I stumbled upon this jewel. It’s not a podcast per se, but eight audio files containing presentations from Carson Workshops entitled ‘The Future Of Web Apps’. I’ve listened to three of them by now, and here’s what I’ve learnt so far:

  • Joshua Schachter, Delicious [mp3]; Don’t write for scalability, you won’t know what breaks before it breaks. People will molest your server.
  • Cal Henderson, Flickr [mp3]; Write an API, use an open system; let users know that they can export their data if they don’t want to use your service anymore (it will get you more users!)
  • David Heinemeier Hansson, 37 signals and one of the developers behind Ruby On Rails [mp3]; Flexibility is overrated, and PHP is the Devil!

Great stuff! :) Can’t wait to listen to the next five. And since I’m going to Manchester this weekend (or, stoke-on-trent to be precise, but that’s almost Manchester isn’t it) there should be some travel time to listen to some of this :)r

Anger management

Recently I’ve started loading my MP3 player with podcasts that I listen to when I drive to and from work. This is an excellent replacement for mainstream radio; I can find podcasts discussing the topics I’m interested in, and use this ‘dead-time’ to learn something new. Also, the radio in my car doesn’t work. In addition, there is often a lot of traffic, so a quiet car can drive anyone mad.

So, if your radio doesn’t work, you’re in your car and you spend fourty minutes on something that should only take ten if it weren’t for all those other bastards who also decided to drive to work at EXACTLY 07:45 (who are these people??) – AND you’ve got an MP3 player – then this might be useful for you:

Here are some audio I enjoy listening to while angry and frustrated in my car:

  • Diggnation– they say: “a weekly tech/web culture show based on the top social bookmarking news stories.” I say: this is awesome. I mean, a concept where two guys are drinking beer, having fun and discussing tech just makes me happy.
  • – Lots of IT stuff
  • JavaZone 2005 mp3’s – From JavaZone in Oslo
  • LearnOutLoud – Haven’t checked them out properly yet, but they might have something..