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What's wrong with the British and US forces?

After watching this sickening video of a team of British soldiers dragging begging Iraqi kids into a backyard to kick the shit out of them while their commander-in-chief is watching, laughing and encouraging them – I just have to ask; what’s wrong with the British and US forces?

I mean, we don’t see Danish forces behaving this way. We don’t see the Polish behaving this way. They are there, but they’re not performing despicable and stupid acts that will encourage a new generation of suicide bombers. Whay do they think – that these kids just go home and forget about the incident?

Also, it seems like they’re proud of the act – they film it, so they can show it to others. I mean, I know that the Brits and the Americans mostly get their soldies from the lower class of society, many of them criminals – but how stupid can you get?

Let’s hope that Mr. Blair is able to find these people, and punish them. All of them.