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Not everyone welcomes ActionScript3

At fotb06 I found out that I love AS3 since it practically looks and feel just like Java. As long as Flex doesn’t start to look and feel just like Swing I’ll be happy .. anyhow, just now I stumbled across this quote on (

Sigurd: a sprite is anything not static SRElysian: a sprite is a variable object SRElysian: be it 2d or 3d TorMuck: a sprite is a fucking soda TorMuck: you god damn geekass bastards

It was so good I had to share it. And yes, a sprite is an object.

How hard is it to spell "YouTube"?

I visited Alexa today and as usual I glanced at the “Movers & Shakers” section to see who’s having a good or bad week.

To my big surprise the top mover (upwards) was something called “Universal Tube & Rollform Equipment Corporation“. I was puzzled until I saw the domain name: .. haha. lol (yes, a real laughing out loud).

Here’s a screenshot: utube vs youtube

No way is this many people trying to reach someone who “offers wide selection of used, rebuilt, and new equipment for the tube, pipe, and coil processing industries” — these people are looking for youtube of course.

Check out the traffic spike around the Google / YouTube deal .. it’s probably people who have heard it on the news or something, and don’t know how to spell it.

Well, I thought it was interesting, anyway ;)

The problem with Pandora and

I love the new social music services like Pandora and (former Audioscrobbler). If you do not know what they’re about the concept is pretty easy – they are personalized radio stations that you listen to via the web. Unlike traditional radio stations they have the ability to ‘learn’ what kind of music you like, based on what you tag as good music and what others with the same music taste as you enjoy. This is all good.

But why don’t these services come with a mood feature? I don’t want to listen to the same kind of music when I’m in the office as when I’m getting ready to party. Sometimes I’d like to listen to Jack Johnson, other times I feel like listening to some hiphop or Røyksopp.

Without a mood feature is kind of useless, since if I add all the music I like I will always be played a random mix of music I like, but not in the setting I’m in. So let’s hope adds a mood feature soon :)