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Why don't they come with 'Save as DocBook'?

It’s great with all these Web 2.0 applications with tools to help with all aspects of our life – like lists & tasks, calenders, project management – and of course, web based word processing.

I like the idea of web based word processors, like Writely. I have a laptop, a computer in my bedroom, and a computer at work – and I like the fact that I can just sit down and edit my documents without thinking about where they are physically located. Also, it’s ideal for people who want to work together – sharing documents, editing them – and be able to view the changes of others.

And best of all – you can save as Word, HTML or export to PDF! ..

.. but what I’d really like it a tool like this who could save as DocBook XML. I mean, it’s not hard – if you can export to HTML you can export to DocBook, so why aren’t these companies doing it? Maybe not enough requests for such a feature? Well, I for one would like to pay for such a service, so sign me up :-)

PS! I know I promised you I’d let the java crowd retaliate for the crude comments about java forwarded by random PHP geeks – and I will. Tomorrow. Promise.

1 Way to Impress Your Friends

Or, 24 ways that is. If you’re were sleeping through december month, or maybe too busy handling your mother-in-law, you might have missed 24ways, the ajax/web2.0 advent calendar. The idea is simple; every day they would release a new ajax/web related article. The articles are written by different authors, who are probably considered experts in their field.

It recently struck me how ingenious this is from a marketing point of view. Releasing quality content like this, on a single site and on an pre-known schedule (in this case every day) – you’re bound to get dugg a lot. People also seem find it delicious, and it’s probably just a coincidence that this wasn’t “news for nerds, stuff that matters“.

This will without doubt create a sort of a synergy effect where all the authors get extra traffic (they are all linked to from the article listing in additon to the article). When bloggers get together and release something like this, their chances of getting large amounts of traffic multiplies. Sure, the main site gets hit the most (in this case – but I suspect the individual authors also got their share (looking at the alexa traffic rankings for a couple of them it seems they had quite an increase in december/january, but that might be coincidental.

Anyway, why didn’t anyone think of this before? (allright, I’m sure someone did and I just failed to do some research, but still – it seems like a good idea to do this for something else than ajax).