Domain Listing Center Inc.

This is a first .. I’ve gotten lots of spam over the years, but this is the first “domain renewal”-like notice I’ve gotten from a false source. It’s got my domain name, in addition to the real domain registrant info (my name, address, etc.)..

It looks like a bill, an annual fee that needs to be paid. However, it does say in small letters:

THIS IS NOT A BILL. This is a solicitation. You are under no obligation to pay the amount(s) stated unless you accept this offer.

This is obviously a scam attempt, and yes, I do feel I’m under an obligation — to find you. I’ll eat dinner and maybe I’ll feel better.

I googled for their name and didn’t find much info. Seems like it’s pretty new. So I’m posting this to warn people. Hmm, well Google has me banned for the moment, but at least Yahoo! users will be warned then, huh ;) ..

They don’t have a website, but here’s their address:

Print and mail a copy of this order form along with a check or money order to the address listed below: Domain Listing Center Inc. 8171 Yonge St. Suite# 149 Richmond Hill, ON L3T 2C6 Canada

I’ll consider mailing them something else than a $40 check.

What's Sun thinking?

Most of the time I’m pretty proud to call myself a Java programmer. When people ask me what programming language I work with, I usually answer Java even though I’ve probably been doing more PHP5 than Java lately.

But every now and then I get a question from a client asking where he or she should download the latest version of the Java runtime. I wish I could offer them something else than

I mean, look at the page:

What could Sun possibly be thinking here? – 90% of the page is advertising, or something that looks like advertising. As if that wasn’t bad enough, it’s crap advertising. With sound!.

If I didn’t know better I’d think that I’d written “” incorrectly and landed on some hijacked typein spam-domain.

They’ve found out that can make a lot of money selling advertising space on the main download page for Java. It wouldn’t surprise me if they discover that most people start reading from the upper left corner, and move the actual download link to the bottom right.

It makes Java look bad.

phpODP page refreshed!

I finally updated the design on the phpODP page. It looks so much better now – not strange, considering the old design was, well – old. And even when it was new it wasn’t all that great. Have a look at it here.