Google Web Toolkit

Just a short note, i found this today – Google Web Toolkit. It looks very promising and I’m just about to start experimenting with it (can’t wait!). It’s a framework for creating AJAX applications with the usual gmail look, but the fresh approach is that you write the application in Java – and then you compile to to Javascript/HTML when you’re ready to ship.

I’m don’t how well this development model works with dynamic data etc. but I’m sure they have a clever way to do that too. Will report more later when I’ve tested it :)

Wow, finally back in…

After being banned by Google for 7 months is finally back in the index. It must’ve helped sending those ‘reinclusion requests’.

One strange thing though – even though I have a robots.txt disallowing Google from indexing odp.php on my site they seem to have indexed it nonetheless.

Good the be back in – even though most people find this site using Yahoo! anyway – which has finally gotten the point and made a search portal that looks just like Google :)