How I ruthlessly referrer-spam everyone I know

I’ve used Privoxy for several years now and love it. For those of you not familiar with the program it’s basically just a local proxy that you can run your browsers through that will strip ads and make sure your privacy is intact while surfing the net.

One neat thing about it is that it’s very configurable, and you can also specify extra header info to send. So, this gave me an idea .. why not just send one of my sites as referer. That way, I’m always promoting my site when I’m mindlessly surfing the web.


Can Vista do this?

Found this video on YouTube entitled ‘Xgl Demo’ .. This guy must be running a monster machine, but still – it’s pretty impressive..

Norway, as described by Moods

I found this great description of the country I live in and my fellow norwegians inside a label of a t-shirt I bought from a clothing company called Moods of Norway.

With it’s 4.5 million inhabitants, 385639 sq. miles, and a resistance against continental drift, Norway is a land of great diversity. Wheter it’s due to the hilarious infinite access of oil or that the country itself being as far stretched as the last gin-tonic at 5 AM in the morning, there is no doubt in the presence of some genuine norwegian moods. Being in a cocktail mood, norwegians put themselves along with their behaviour patterns in a small box and ship it to Denmark. But if the streets are too moody, the average norwegian farmer tends to enjoy a casual bottle of traditional family moonshine. Chilled of course, by ice from a glacier troubled with heavy rain and german tourists. So, wheter it’s the fjords as deep as the prime ministers pockets on election day, or the colony of laplanders which eats anything as long as it is raindeer: If Norway was a person, it would be, without doubt, a strange fish indeed.

I thought it said “colony of lapdancers” there at first, and started wondering where they would be. Of course, I prefer laplanders ;)

Anyway, just thought I’d share.