Dynamic loading of Javascript

When programming desktop applications I’ve always been a supporter of lazy loading of objects but I’ve never given this much thought when creating websites. Until now. (more…)

A new look baby!

Yessir, bjornblog has a brand new look and lots of new features! :-)

I’m so excited about my new blog, that I’ve even created a screenshot to teach you how to get the most out of my new design the new theme I installed.


How I ruthlessly referrer-spam everyone I know

I’ve used Privoxy for several years now and love it. For those of you not familiar with the program it’s basically just a local proxy that you can run your browsers through that will strip ads and make sure your privacy is intact while surfing the net.

One neat thing about it is that it’s very configurable, and you can also specify extra header info to send. So, this gave me an idea .. why not just send one of my sites as referer. That way, I’m always promoting my site when I’m mindlessly surfing the web.