Skype using port 80!

Argh! Lately I’ve had some problems with my local development server. It just gave me a blank html when accessing localhost .. So, I reinstalled xampp (Apache+PHP+MySQL combo) – found out that didn’t fix anything. Took backup of all my htdocs and mysql data, uninstalled xampp completely (sort of knowing that xampp was messed up). Tried installing WAMP5 with same result.

netstat -a .. something isn’t right here.

Turns out the WAMP server gave me a sensible error message: “Port 80 is busy (might be Skype?)”

What is Skype doing occupying my port 80! Guess I’ll just have to remove it from startup.

Getting started with Cairngorm

Cairngorm is a framework for creating RIAs (Rich Internet Applications) using Flex. The problem is that it’s pretty fresh, and there is not too much documentation and examples out there yet. So, here’s a list of the stuff I found while searching :)

Good luck! :D .. as I said I’m just starting to read up on this myself, so maybe I’ll post some more as I learn :)