Exporting s9y to MT

When I wanted the skitX blog converted from Serendipity to ExpressionEngine I asked around for an MT Export script for s9y. There was none, so I decided to create it for myself.

For those of you who don’t know, MT stands for Movable Type and is SixApart‘s blogsystem. It’s a pretty simple plain-text format which many blogsystems (like for instance EE) can do an import from. I used the format description found here.

Download the script here: Serendipity (s9y) MT Export

The process is simple — just edit the following lines in the script:

$db_host = "localhost"; $db_user = "db_user"; $db_pass = "db_password"; $db_name = "db_name";

$filename = "s9y_export_mt.txt"; // file to write to

Upload the script and load it in your browser. A file (s9y_export_mt.txt by default) will be written. This is the file you import.

Enjoy, and ask in the comment section if something is unclear :-)

Converting from SMF to ExpressionEngine Forum

This will describe how I converted my norwegian webmaster forum which ran the SimpleMachines forum software to ExpressionEngine with the forum module installed.

The SMF_Import module I’ve created can be used to import both users and forum messages to EE, or just the users if you only want to import these. (more…)