How to stop MSN spam with Pidgin

For those of you who don’t know, Pidgin is an open source Instant Message client which supports MSN, ICQ, the jabber protocol (which means GTalk) etc.

After installing it however, I started getting a lot of MSN spam. You know, IM’s from random people telling me to visit places where I could gamble with my money, or alternatively my health (with cheap pills).

Turns out Pidgin defaults to letting everyone contact you. You can change this in Tools -> Privacy.

So, you don’t want this:

.. but you do want this:

That is, only allowing people on your buddy list to contact you.

Once set, all spam was gone :-)

By the way, Pidgin is a pretty smart name for that app. Being a non-native english speaker I thought Pidgin was referring to the bird Pigeon. Well, turns out this is the definition for Pidgin:

A linguistically simplified, mixed and restricted language used in limited contact situations between people who have no common language.

.. and that’s perfect for Pidgin cause it supports multiple protocols, which means it enables people with no common language (protocol) to talk to eachother. I bet the protocol implementations aren’t 100% either, so that means it’s also a simplified, mixed and restricted language ;-)

In addition to that, they can use a Pigeon as their mascot since it’s pronounced the same! I’m in awe.

Seagull: Unable to load schema for database and table

I just copied a Seagull project I created a while back to a new development server to do some testing. Copying the www.mydomain.conf.php to localhost.conf.php and changing the database settings to connect to my local database resulted in this when trying to log in:

DataObjects_Usr: ERROR: Unable to load schema for database and table (turn debugging up to 5 for full error message) DB_DataObject Error: Unable to load schema for database and table (turn debugging up to 5 for full error message)

Well, turns out it was my the problem was that I had renamed my database. The entities files created by Seagull requires the database to have the same name as it originally had.

So, renaming my local database to have the same name as the production site fixed everything. Just thought I’d throw it out here in case someone experiences the same problem and does a quick google ;-)

Someone messed up Firefox Download Day 2008

I just got this e-mail:

Firefox download day email

Great! – I thought. I enjoy making history.

So I click the link, and what do I see …

Notice the <<<< .mine === etc.?

It’s Subversion tags letting someone know that when they did an “svn update” on the Firefox Download Day 2008 index page – someone else had edited it already so that a conflict occurred.

Let’s look at the code:

So somone need to fix this and maybe keep revision 15918 (not bad) and do a svn resolve ASAP ;-)

Conclusion: Don’t do a svn update on the Download Day itself!

Also, maybe it would be a good idea to use bittorrent next time. I’m currently getting Http/1.1 Service Unavailable when I click the download link.

Else than that; great stuff! Hope we make history :-)