This is a collection of the scripts I’ve published on my blog over the years.

SMF to EE convertor

This EE module will import all posts from a SimpleMachines forum to an ExpressionEngine forum. linky.

Invision Power Board forum bridge

A simple integration between any webpage and its IPB forum (think “10 latest forum threads”-sidebar in a WordPress blog for instance). linky.

Serendipity (s9y) MT export

Export your s9y blog to a MT (MovableType) formatted file, so that you can import it basically anywhere. Used if you’re moving away from s9y to e.g. EE or WordPress. linky.

Markdown Extra plugin for b2evolution

I love the Markdown syntax format, and I’ve probably tried out every blogging platform out there (running on PHP at least) — turned out b2evolution didn’t have a Markdown plugin at the time I used it, so I created one. linky.

phpODP; the original php dmoz script!

Ah, the nostalgia. I created this script for some guy on elance for $20 in 2000 or something. Back then Google would happily index your dmoz mirror and let you AdSense the hell out of it. Well, not anymore – but people still seem to use it though. At your own risk. linky.