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Getting started with Cairngorm

Cairngorm is a framework for creating RIAs (Rich Internet Applications) using Flex. The problem is that it’s pretty fresh, and there is not too much documentation and examples out there yet. So, here’s a list of the stuff I found while searching :)

Good luck! :D .. as I said I’m just starting to read up on this myself, so maybe I’ll post some more as I learn :)

Not everyone welcomes ActionScript3

At fotb06 I found out that I love AS3 since it practically looks and feel just like Java. As long as Flex doesn’t start to look and feel just like Swing I’ll be happy .. anyhow, just now I stumbled across this quote on (

Sigurd: a sprite is anything not static SRElysian: a sprite is a variable object SRElysian: be it 2d or 3d TorMuck: a sprite is a fucking soda TorMuck: you god damn geekass bastards

It was so good I had to share it. And yes, a sprite is an object.

Getting ready for FOTB06

The biggest Flash conference to hit the UK for over 6 years kicks off on Monday! The speaker list is absolutely awesome, with the top designers & developers in the world flying in to speak. Add super swag, a couple of parties and you can see that this is an event not to miss! Don’t miss the opportunity to see the latest cutting edge content, software, news, announcements, to get inspired and the important opportunity to network with other attendees from all over the world.

Yes! I’ll be attending Flash on the Beach in Brighton 4-6. December. I’m doing move from Java development to Flash and I think this conference should give me a bit of a push in the right direction ;)

We’re 4 happy guys from Mymixmaster and M&L flying to London on the 1st, and then taking the train to Brighton for the conference on the 4th. Which means it should be a good party in London before the conference.

Are you going to fotb06? What are you going to see? Leave a comment! Maybe we should hook up for professional reasons like having a beer or something :-)