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Changes in this blog

It’s probably about time to let my subscribers know that I’ve started blogging over at the AddonBakery Blog – so all posts which relate to my ExpressionEngine Addons will end up there (instead of here).

If you have an interest in getting the latest news about SEO Lite, Simple Registration, et al. you should subscribe to this feed.

This blog will be reserved for all non-addon specific ramblings. Who knows, I might also put up a portfolio here. I probably should, I am after all a freelance developer… I’ll do it when I get the time ;)

Anyway, subscribe here.

Welcome to the new location of my blog

Hi there. If you’re getting this through my feedburner feed you should note that the new address for my blog is – check it out, yay!

What I’ve done is used to combined magic of WordPress import, to move my content from, and Woothemes to get a new look.

Since I’m a freelancer now I figgured I needed a blog, sorta to .. I don’t know, market my services or something. And also, the benefit for you guys, is that since I’m a freelancer now, I might blog a whole lot more (yay!). Or less. We’ll see how it goes.

Anyway, this was just a short update to let you know that I moved. Peace out.

A new look baby!

Yessir, bjornblog has a brand new look and lots of new features! :-)

I’m so excited about my new blog, that I’ve even created a screenshot to teach you how to get the most out of my new design the new theme I installed.