Seagull: Unable to load schema for database and table

I just copied a Seagull project I created a while back to a new development server to do some testing. Copying the www.mydomain.conf.php to localhost.conf.php and changing the database settings to connect to my local database resulted in this when trying to log in: DataObjects_Usr: ERROR: Unable to load schema for database and table (turn debugging up to 5 for full error message) DB_DataObject Error: Unable to load schema for database and table (turn debugging up to 5 for full error message) Well, turns out it was my the problem was that I had renamed my database.

Someone messed up Firefox Download Day 2008

I just got this e-mail: Great! – I thought. I enjoy making history. So I click the link, and what do I see … Notice the <<<< .mine === etc.? It’s Subversion tags letting someone know that when they did an “svn update” on the Firefox Download Day 2008 index page – someone else had edited it already so that a conflict occurred. Let’s look at the code: So somone need to fix this and maybe keep revision 15918 (not bad) and do a svn resolve ASAP ;-)

Another reason to switch from WordPress to ExpressionEngine

Ok, this post had some info about switching to ExpressionEngine since WP was so insecure. It turns out my WP install was hacked and the content here was replaced by lots of spam links. I don’t know how to get the content back (unless it was indexed somewhere, took a quick google but didn’t find anything) .. Oh, the irony. Comments Comment by joao on 2010-01-08 22:38:42 +0000 that is a good point, i mean there is so many stories of wordpress being hacked that is time for people view alternatives, but wordpress is in people minds as the top “blog” platform and engine labs hasn’t made a top effort to promote a template system that is appealing.

Invision Power Board forum bridge

This is a script we use on the norwegian community to show the latest messages from our IPB forum in our WordPress blog template. I already published this on my norwegian blog so I figgured I’d do the english speaking world a favor and publish it here as well in case someone was searching for “Invision Power Board forum bridge” and found the norwegian language one ;-) The script can be downloaded here.

Exporting s9y to MT

When I wanted the skitX blog converted from Serendipity to ExpressionEngine I asked around for an MT Export script for s9y. There was none, so I decided to create it for myself. For those of you who don’t know, MT stands for Movable Type and is SixApart‘s blogsystem. It’s a pretty simple plain-text format which many blogsystems (like for instance EE) can do an import from. I used the format description found here.