Basecamp Style Subdomains With ExpressionEngine

Today cityzenllc asked [a question on Twitter][2] about setting up EE w/subdomains. The [“Basecamp Style Subdomains With CodeIgniter”][3] over at NetTuts was tweeted and retweeted all over the place, or maybe just twice, but anyway – this is supereasy in EE, and can be done by adding just a couple of lines to index.php: if($_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'] == '') { $assign_to_config['site_url'] = ''; $req = strtolower(trim($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'], '/')); if($req == '' || substr($req, 0, 9 ) == 'index.

SEO Lite v1.1

I just pushed a new version of SEO Lite to github and it has some added goodies, among other things these parameters: Parameters url_title; retrieve by url_title (often found as a url segment) entry_id; retrieve by entry_id use_last_segment = ‘yes’; pure magic! (it will use the last segment, this is useful if you have the same header all over the website and you sometimes need to use {segment_2} and sometimes {segment_3} default_title – set the title tag directly (ie.

SEO Lite – The one calorie SEO addon for ExpressionEngine 2.x

A while back I released DevKit for ExpressionEngine using the module “SEO Lite” as an example. Now this module is ready for download! Click here to download SEO Lite Full documentation: SEO Lite documentation A SEO module for ExpressionEngine – what does it do? Sure you could add custom fields for this kind of meta data, but SEO Lite makes it cleaner and easier to use for the client.

Why the ExpressionEngine community is a better place to be for a single developer

There’s probably a lot of good reasons to go with WordPress, but if you’re a single developer ExpressionEngine might be worth considering. Please allow me to present (*drum roll*) “The Top 10 Reasons The EE Community Is A Better Place To Be For A Single Developer / Entrepreneur” 1. You Don’t Have To Worry About GPL Related Bullsh*t The GPL discussion is all the rave in the WP community these days.

Introducing DevKit for EE 2.0

I’ve spent the last 8 months developing modules (and templates) for EE 2.0. Pretty early I got annoyed by some of the redundant manual tasks I had to do over and over again .. so I started creating some addons to help me out. Now I’ve bundled (some of that) functionality in this thing I’ve named DevKit for EE 2.0, download it here: zip / github page. For now it contains functionality to generate the skeleton of a new EE module – you just give it some details (name, description, etc.