WooThemes launch of ExpressionEngine themes gets TechCrunch frontpage

Themes have moved   Please note that these themes have now moved to ThemeForest, you can find them here: ExpressionEngine Themes @ AddonBakery Ok, I’m kind of busy these days so I haven’t got time for the most elaborate posts — but anyway, as some of you might know I’ve teamed up with WooThemes to create theme packages for my publishing engine of choice; ExpressionEngine.

How to move a WordPress installation and keep linkjuice

Recently I went freelance and decided to rebrand myself – thus the need to move my blog from one domain to another. Of course, that meant moving the content to a new WordPress install, but also – since my old blog had a handy pagerank of 5 and lots of incoming linkjuice – I needed to redirect all this to my new blog. To make things even more complicated, I had decided to go away from my original link-format of “bie.

phpODP meets github. lives happily everafter.

A couple of generations ago (at least in “internetz-years”) I wrote a tiny php script called phpODP that would let people put the content of the dmoz directory on their own site. Now, I know what you’re thinking – no dmoz didn’t have a problem with that – they even have a category for sites like that. Anyway, I initially gave it away for free, it turned out to be hugely popular at the time (so much so my blog got hundreds of thousands of backlinks and a PR9 together with CNN and other equally notable sites).

Welcome to the new location of my blog

Hi there. If you’re getting this through my feedburner feed you should note that the new address for my blog is bybjorn.com – check it out, yay! What I’ve done is used to combined magic of WordPress import, to move my content from bie.no, and Woothemes to get a new look. Since I’m a freelancer now I figgured I needed a blog, sorta to .. I don’t know, market my services or something.

How to stop MSN spam with Pidgin

For those of you who don’t know, Pidgin is an open source Instant Message client which supports MSN, ICQ, the jabber protocol (which means GTalk) etc. After installing it however, I started getting a lot of MSN spam. You know, IM’s from random people telling me to visit places where I could gamble with my money, or alternatively my health (with cheap pills). Turns out Pidgin defaults to letting everyone contact you.